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Lot Layout

Alright.  I have the lot and know the dimensions.  I also know what the structures look like.  The next question is how will they fit?

With the basement garage in the cabin and the main level entrance on the garage/apartment, the use of the natural grade of the lot will be critical.  I took a crack at it here.  BTW - The squares are equal to 1/4 acre lots.  I wanted perspective as to how this particular home would have fit on a 1/4 acre lot.

At this point I asked Ken from KH Design to step in and consult with me.  What I need is a layout that would allow me to place my septic system, water well, and plan for tree planting.

Topography [TOP]

Ken from KH Design said that in order for him to do this, I would need the topographical map (elevation contours) and he could work on that.  I started to do my homework and found that it would probably cost at least $600 to have someone do that topo, but I figured that I had to have it done for the building permit... I mean I needed one for the home I built here in Utah... long story short, no.  There is no requirement for topographical survey to build.  I was being told that I didn't even need architectual plans for the cabin... "no architect.  Just build!".  While I like the sound of that, I like planning, so I have decided to have Ken do this work for me.  A good plan is worth the extra costs in my opinion.  When Ken heard this, he said that if I could give him 6 points or so with the elevation height differences, he could actually extrapolate a solid topographical survey.


My father and I, armed with a 250 foot tape and his hand-held GPS unit (which tells elevation) went out and measured a bunch of points for Ken.  It's a Garmin unit similar to the one here. I don't remember the model, but it turned out to be fairly accurate as we went and rechecked points a couple hours later, we were certainly within a foot or two over the whole lot.




This is what we had for Ken.  I put the points into Photoshop and told him where the best views were so that he could position the properties.

So, a few weeks later, this is what Ken sent back.  All I can say is nice work!  That topo matches the contours of the property nearly perfectly.  BTW - Each contour line is 2 feet in elevation.

He has two building placements.  I think I like the 2nd one.  It would be less driveway to 'pave'.  This is #1:

This is #2 (my preferrence):

Although #1 would offer a more traditional front view of the garage/apartment when you approach up the driveway.

Water & Sewer [TOP]