By now it's probably pretty obvious that snowmobiles are a significant recreational aspect to this project.

Snowmobile Trails [TOP]
In my research before we bought the property we learned that there are over 350 miles of groomed trails available in the famous "Bridgerland" trail system.  It has apparently been rated in the top 15 of all western trails.

On our first trip up there, we heard from someone that there is a trail system stretches up through Idaho/Oregon and down through to New Mexico.  More research will need to be done on that trail.  Sounds interesting.
Snowmobile Rentals [TOP]
With all of these trails, free enterprise would dictate that snowmobile rentals would be readily available.  Thankfully, free enterprise is alive and well around the Bear Lake area.  Rentals are available at Bear Lake Funtime and Beaver Creek Lodge & Snowmobile Rentals.

Snowmobile Photos [TOP]
Here are some pictures from Sutton's Cabin. Their cabin is on the North Pole Loop along with the Bear Lake Ranch House.  Both are available to rent for your recreational activities.  Make sure to check out their sites.  Also, Sutton's Cabin website has a LOT more pictures available.  Lonnie & Mickey are true snow sport enthusiasts.