North Pole Loop
Sharon, Idaho
Bear Lake, Idaho
National Forests

National Forests

The Bear Lake area is contained within two counties.  Bear Lake County in Idaho and Rich County on the Utah side.  There are two large National Forests in the area as well.  There is the Caribou National Forest and the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  Of note is the Pruess Mountain Range.  The elevation varies in the forest areas from a low of around 5900 feet to a high of 9500 feet at Sherman Peak in the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  A lot more information is available at the Bear Lake Regional Commission's web site.

You can see here, that the North Pole Loop is tucked right up against 1.3 million acres of the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  By snowmobile, it will take about 45 seconds to get from the North Pole Loop to the Wasatch-Cache National Forest.  On the other side of US 30, just past Montpelier you see the 3+ million acre Caribou National Forest.  By snowmobile, it would probably take you 20-30 minutes to get to that forest.